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About Legal Solutions (Parag S. Mishra)

is an upcoming law firm that has its reach in Mumbai, Thane and all western suburbs Courts at Mumbai. We at Legal Solutions provides legal services to our clients, which includes individuals, public and private companies, banks, other corporate entities and all others who requires legal services. The firm has a dedicated team of professional lawyers dealing in and practicing in civil matters, family and divorce laws, criminal trials, money recovery suits and summary suits, consumer grievances matters, rent act matters, testamentary and writ matters (High Courts). Legal Solutions is committed in meeting a reliable solution to all its client requirements.

In this era of rapid changing economic and industrial scenario, the role of Advocacy and Law Consultancy profession has become one with immense importance. In the age of globalization and outsourcing, the profession has overcome the barriers of time and place. The plethora of services rendered by the law firm nowadays is remarkably sizeble as compared with earlier time. The profession has become elementary rather than supplementary to any organization, may it be a small shop or a giant multinational conglomerate as well as non-profit making entities running for social motives. The dearth of proper and efficient law consultancy vis-à-vis increasing demand of dead-on solutions is a cause of concern requiring skilled and devoted professionals to deal with the same. Our profession has number of well-sharpened tools in its armory.

Civil lawyer in Mira Road, Thane and Mumbai

The Civil Law is indubitably and certainly the most important branch of law for every constitutional country. The Civil law consists of body of rules, procedures, regulations and judicial precedents that helps in resolving the various non – criminal disputes. Four of the most important types of civil law deals with (i) contracts, (ii) property, (iii) family relations, (iv) civil wrongs causing physical injury or injury to the property. (tort).

In criminal law, the Accused is given punishment to provide justice to the victims, whereas in civil law, the victims are provided compensation. Civil law cases include custody disputes, bankruptcy, defamation, breach of contract, property dispute, civil wrongs, violation and etc.

At Legal Solutions our team of lawyers is well trained, efficient and possesses good communication skills, judgmental skills, analytical skills, research, perseverance and committal in bringing a logical solution for our Client’s requirements.

Why Select Civil Lawyers at Legal Solution?

The Civil Lawyers at Legal Solution are:-

  • - Our team of lawyers holds an expertise and has the best knowledge in the field of civil law practice.
  • - Our team of lawyers will come up with solutions and give you some really good advice.
  • - Our team of lawyers are experienced enough and have more than 10 years of practice experience.

Our team of lawyers are highly skilled, holds good knowledge and have the persuasive power of argument required to turn your case into victory.

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We, as a firm, believe and work with following objectives:

● Need-based solutions with perfection and expertise.

● Perpetual existence to service with same high standards.

● Be Pro-active.

● Better human relation practices.

● A satisfied client is our performing asset.

We are currently working on

● More than 110 Civil matters.

● More than 160 dishonor of Cheque cases matters.

● More than 105 family / divorce matters.

● About 21 Consumer Complaints matters.

● About 41 Criminal matters..

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