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Our Services

our services

Civil Cases

● - Property & Estate.

● - Injunction Suits.

● - Dpl and declaration suits..

● - Probate / Will (High Court)

● - Testamentary Suits

● - Testamentary Petition

● - Recovery Suit

● - Summary Suit

● - Succession/ Hiership Application (District Courts)

● - Letter of Administration (High Court)

Criminal Cases

● - 138 N.I Act matters.

● - White collar crimes

● - POSCO matters

● - Bail & Anticipatory Bail matters (Magistrate, Sessions & High Court)

● - Quashing matters before High Court.

● - Writ matters before High Court

Divorce / Family matters

● - Mutual Consent Divorce.

● - Annulment of Divorce.

● - Contested Divorce.

● - 498 A & Criminal proceedings.

● - Domestic Violence proceedings and 125 Cr.P.C

● - Judicial separation.

● - Child custody.

● - Restitution of Conjugal rights.

● - Maintenance

Divorce lawyer in Mira Road, Thane and Mumbai

We at Legal Solutions Law Firm have super specialized and dedicated team of Lawyers to handle divorce, child custody, maintenance, domestic violence, separation cases at any stage before any Court of Law.

“Staying in a bad marriage can provide security because at least you know how your life will go. But getting a divorce gives you the hope. The hope to be who you want to be, the hope to be happy and the hope to find someone else to love”– Barry Gold

“Being a single parent is better than muddling on unhealthy relationship” – Lindsay Light.

“If you’re a parent with young kids, getting a divorce is better than staying in a bad marriage because these are formative years for them.

“Divorce clears the way for you to meet the right partners”

“You get to focus on you for once” – Shelley Cameron. You find genuine peace and happiness and an appreciation for life that may have been sucked out of you during your bad marriage.

“You deserve a partner who’s just as invested in the relationship as you are” – Carly Israel.

Divorce isn’t the worst thing that can happen to your kids. Enduring a hostile home life is” – Matt Sweetwood

“A happier parent is a better parent”.

Why Select Lawyers at Legal Solution?

The Lawyers at Legal Solution are:-

  • - Our team of lawyers holds an expertise and has the best knowledge in the field of divorce and family law practice.
  • - Our team of lawyers will come up with solutions and give you some really good advice.
  • - Our team of lawyers are experienced enough and have more than 10 years of practice experience.
  • - We are always eager on counseling our Client’s and give them the best of the solutions and advise as per the circumstances and stages of the case.
  • - Our team of lawyers are highly skilled, holds good knowledge and have the persuasive power of argument required to turn your case into victory.